Hidden stories from our own collection – 30 november 2012 until 14 july 201


From the series Udongo #07 | 2009 | 170 x 120 cm | edition of 7 | c-print


An African power figure meets an Apple computer, and an artwork with portraits by Marlene Dumas encounters a German sample card of forty different eye colours.


Tropenmuseum present’s an ode to its collection in the exhibition Encounters. Hidden stories from our own collection.

Encounters of two objects

Very different objects are paired with each other: contemporary art, popular art, utensils, objects used during rituals, and trivial or even extremely valuable things. What do they say about the world of then and now, about image forming and contacts between different cultures?

Seven themes

You can discover 55 encounters between objects arranged in seven themes. The encounters give an impression of what the Tropenmuseum has experienced, thought and collected in its turbulent history from the 19th to the 21st century, and hence also an impression of what links the Netherlands with the rest of the world. The themes are: Voices from the pastToday’s worldAnimals and peopleMuseological issuesLooking at the ‘other’Coincidence? and Form and function.

Exhibition catalogue

The exhibition catalogue contains full-colour illustrations of all 55 combinations with explanatory texts. Two introductory essays discuss the character of the objects and the remarkable history of the Tropenmuseum’s collection.

For sale in the museum shop and via www.kitpublishers.nl | € 24.50 | Dutch and English edition | graphic design: Roosje Klap | 192 pages.